How To Break A Spoiled Baby From Crying

September 2, 2010 Duana L. Brown

It’s as if babies were born with an innate gift to manipulate their parents through crying, movements and jesters. From the time they’re born their pulling our heart strings telling us when they want to eat, sleep and be changed. And like little puppets we jump to their beck and call. All they have to do is make one little peep and we come running to their rescue like paramedics responding to a 911 call.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed or not but if you watch an infant when he or she is sleeping you’ll see them twitching and blinking their eyes lids as if their sending Morse code. Shortly their after if you watch long enough you’ll see a smirk of a grin on their face. I’ve often been told that when you see that, it’s the angels talking to them. I think their trying to put a game plan together to decide how their going to reek havoc in our lives for years to come.

As loving parents we just can’t help ourselves. Babies are so cute and cuddly and hard to resist. We’re constantly holding, hugging, kissing and cooing them. And we never tire of them until it becomes apparent that we’ve spoiled them. Then we start pulling our hair trying to figure out why their crying and how to get them to shut up. You can’t fix dinner and surely cleaning the house is out of the question. It is nearly impossible to multi task with a baby in your arms especially when they’re crying.

The solution only takes a couple of days depending on your child’s willingness to conform. Step 1: Make sure your baby has been fed, cleaned and diapers changed. Make sure that he or she has had enough milk to drink whether bottle fed or nursed and well burped. Step 2: Lay or stand your baby in his or her crib or playpen and walk out the room. Do not shut the door. Step 3: Ever so often go and peek in on him or her just to make sure their okay. If you need to change their diaper now would be the perfect time to do it and then leave the room again.

Repeat this every 15 to 20 minutes just to make sure they’re okay. But what ever you do don’t give in to their crying. After all that is what you’re trying to break them from. So resist the tears at all cost.

The first day is the hardest for both moms and infants and the baby will usually cry himself or herself to sleep after the first hour or so. But if you do this repeatedly over the next two to three days they will eventually give up when they see that their crying no longer works.

Your baby sitter and everyone your baby comes in contact with will love you for delivering them.

Be cautious not to spoil them again. Should that happen simply repeat the entire process again.

Written by Duana L. Brown


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